Peter Sedgewick, Magento Developer

Peter Sedgewick

PHP & Python Developer

Magento Certified

Based in North Yorkshire, UK

Specialised in creating custom modules, implementing bespoke functionality, and building fit-for-purpose solutions. Experienced in a number of frameworks, languages, and environments.

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5 years experience designing and developing professional websites for a variety of clients, from photography portfolios to financial systems. Knowledge of most major PHP frameworks, and a portfolio implementing custom solutions in Slim, Fat-Free, CodeIgniter, Phalcon, GetSimple, and Zend Framework 2.

  • Strong application of best practice, from commenting and clear code structure to use of unit testing frameworks. (Both TDD and BDD)
  • Experience in using PHP for analytics and data collection.
  • Highly experienced in both building and maintaining RESTful APIs, and the best practice around APIs in PHP.
  • Knowledge of XMLRPC and JSON protocols and their implementations in PHP.
  • Awareness of potential security issues, with previous experience of carrying out vulnerability audits for web applications.

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A good all-round knowledge of the Python language and ecosystem, with experience in both personal and commercial uses.

  • Use of Python in scripting and data processing, with experience of high-volume and large datasets.
  • Application in front-end frameworks, notably Django and Flask.
  • Experience of Python usage in lower level networking and socket usage.
  • Good knowledge of Python as a database connector, in both SQL and NoSQL.

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Use of JavaScript over 5 years, from basic calculations and DOM manipulation to data processing and full framework usage.

  • Knowledge of frontend frameworks (Meteor, jQuery, Prototype)
  • Use of jQuery and JS in managing and hooking DOM events and user interaction.
  • Experience of building AJAX-based web apps, and a good understanding of issues around realtime / reactive JS.
  • Practiced in use of Grunt to build JS and frontend projects.

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~3 months experience in the Android ecosystem, building apps for personal use.

  • Comfortable with GUI and layout elements + bug hunting and fixing.
  • Experience of integrations with RESFUL APIs / web backends in an app context.
  • Knowledge of Gradle and build processes.

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Two years commercial experience in customising Magento and creating bespoke modules to meet commercial goals. A strong understanding of the platform, and a solid knowledge of best Zend and Varien coding standards. Certified.

  • Experience with Community and Enterprise editions
  • Payment integration experience with SagePay, PayPal, ePDQ
  • Familiar with UPS, Fedex, Royal Mail postage systems
  • Custom CSV / XML data importing and exporting
  • Created modules for linking customer entities to Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest accounts
  • Stock and Warehouse management
  • Well-versed in the prototype JS framework, with practical experience of Magento javascript bug fixing


If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please get in touch.